How much should I charge for brand guidelines?

How much does package design cost?

On the surface putting a design project out to the crowd can be a cost effective way to get tons of ideas and design concepts. These design concepts can be purchased anywhere from $300 to $400 and upwards to around $1000. In reality, crowd sourcing your packaging and brand work can be very risky business.

How much should I charge for brand guidelines?

A Note on the Cost of Brand Guidelines The more people you pay to work with your brand, the more important brand guidelines become. For a low-end project, you are likely to have no guidelines or minimal guidelines on the use of your logo and fonts. For a mid-range project, guidelines can cost between $5,000 to $20,000.

How much should I charge to design a print ad?

Print Ad Design Rates

Small Ad Design $199 Medium Ad Design $249
Concept & Copy 75 Words 150 Words
# of Revisions Unlimited Unlimited
Color Specs Color or B/W Color or B/W
File Type Print-Ready PDF Print-Ready PDF

3 more rows

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